New Things

Dear Readers,

I apologise for the downtime. This was due to an effort to create a more reliable experience for you. Packets were lost and words were exchanged between the server that shall not be repeated, but replacements have now been found and something like a normal service will now resume. Thank you for your patience.

Yours truely,


In other news, I have finished one job to start another in my absense. The brief version is as follows;

Having spent almost a year and a half at Volume and learning as much as I could and generally having a pretty good experience, I thought it was about time to move on. Kind of an odd time to do so in hindsight, because as I was leaving they were just picking up into a new phase and have a shedload of work (this is a good thing) and new clients. I’m sure they’ll do well.

Fortunately, the opportunity to do something new came my way and I can now be found loitering at the BBC as a client-side developer. I’ve been at the BBC a week so far, and am pleased! I can’t imagine I’ll blog anymore about that than I did the last job mind you, so this is just an “FYI”.

I was sad to leave DJ Pauly C who was the most active in making my stay at Volume enjoyable, but I’m sure he’ll forgive me in time.