An interruption to scheduled services.

I have apparently forgotten that I wanted to have a site to blog because I have stuff I wanted to say. I haven’t blogged for over a month because I’ve had no where to do so because I was waiting and hoping that Luke would get things up and running again soon. It’s just too long and I shouldn’t rely on freebies. So, while I sort out proper hosting with customer services who’ll rightly hear my wrath if things break because I’m paying for the pleasure, I’ve set up home here. Priority one is to blog.

I am taking recommendations for hosting though, if anyone has one.

7 thoughts on “An interruption to scheduled services.”

  1. Hello!

    Sorry.. I’ve totally screwed the server up.. It won’t even boot… Half my network is still down and.. yeah.. u get the idea…

    Sorry the hosting thing didn’t work out too well :( do alright hosting though… And if there is a problem they have good hold music while they fix it… lol

    (I will attempt to get your old site off the server’s HDD and will zip it up and put it somewhere for you)

  2. Hello saw your blog and wondered if we might be related. Ilive in London, but my family moved from the Durham area in the 30s Well let me know if any bells ring.

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