Week 508

Not much to report for the last few weeks. We're just on the cusp of it being 1 year since we arrived home from Japan (1st March) and pretty much went directly into a lockdown. It's sort of funny to think of that trip a year on. We were definitely joking a little through the journey, but on the last few days I did start to get a little nervous that we might be stuck in Japan. Wonder when we'll be on the move again.

I've picked back up my weekly exercise goals. I rode my bike for the first time in a while a couple weekends ago and felt extremely weak, so I've decided to just go for it and buy a stationary bike. Not a peloton, obvs. Curious to see how it sticks. Because I can't do anything high-impact, I rely on a lot of walking and invested in a little mini-elliptical last year, and that's helped a lot. Even Alex has got pretty into getting sweaty while stepping and watching junk TV.

The new bike has bluetooth (what doesn't?) so maybe I'll Zwift?

Palm Pilot is just about done, wrapping up some last bits of logistics. Another project (Walkman) that went dormant over the holidays appears to be waking back up and seems like it'll turn into a longer-term product coaching thing. I'm not sure if I'm a good coach, but I am good at being constructively honest, and I think that objectivity (along with having already done similar things already) is what people are looking for, as a rule.

I haven't played anymore Destiny 2, but I have played a lot of Valheim.