Week 469

I moved to the USA nearly 7 years ago, but this is the first Independence Day I've actually spent in the US. Traditionally, due partially to Alex's work calendar, we spend this time of year back home or in France visiting my family.

Consequently, my homesickness has got a lot worse. Knowing that even if I did think it was a sound and reasonable idea to travel internationally (I don't) I'd have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine and/or I couldn't go to France (because the EU is very sensibly stopping US travellers), I'm generally just feeling a bit land-locked and sad.

I'm not experiencing the 4th of July as I think Americans are supposed to, with our local city fireworks cancelled (plenty of local illegal ones, mind you). I wonder if we'll even live here for next year's?

In between sulking...

That's it. Still staying home.