Week 26

San Francisco

Last week, Jake stayed while he was working out of the Google SF office. It’s nice having him around - gets us out of the house, drinking too late, talking in proper British slang. I hope he can convince Jen to come out and visit so we can have some California road trip adventures, since that’s what you do here.

Took care of more bureaucracy and got Global Entry to skip the TSA nonsense and to be able to pass through the US e-gates. Of course, I’m trying to travel less this year, so it arrived just in time.

The three of us hiked around Mt. Tam. (very beautiful) and visited Alcatraz (really cool).

Getting back into an office has been very nice. I like the routine, new faces, daily purpose.

I’ve been in America for half a year already. It doesn’t feel like it.

It was my birthday yesterday.