Writer's block and Project52

This year, I thought it might be fun to try taking part in something that would get me writing more. Anton Peck started Project52 with a simple aim to produce a blog post a week for all of 2010.

It's hard. Really hard.

It's week 5 and although I generally suffer various rage related incidents* over the course of a week, nothing has presented itself as particularly bloggable. Likewise, work has been fairly unspectacular and I've not been especially creative so I'm lacking anything of true substance to talk about or teach. Next week should be better, as there's an upcoming event I'll be involved with and I'll have produced some extra-curricular illustrative commisions I'd like to share.

I asked twitter - the natural home for people who don't know what to talk about - and the suggestions came back that I just get this stupid meta-post over and done with and talk about writer's block (cheers Olly and Craig).

I like writing. I don't think I'm particularly good at it, but I can string a few words together into something that vaguely resembles prose. Finding topics that haven't already been talked about excessively in the web world is just an especially difficult challenge.

Only today, a mailing list I frequent has been discussing how difficult it can be to stay motivated and interested in a field that's coming out of it's emergent phase. Finding a cause that doesn't already have more than enough band-wagoners is rare and finding something unique to add is unusual and perhaps it's feeling less ground-breaking. There's less to do for the invidiual as more hands come on deck. Ultimately, this is super for the web but not so good for personal satisfaction, in my opinion. The word "jaded" was used, but I think (and hope) it's a bit early for that.

Finally, a suggestion from Matt:

@phae Ask for suggestions of what to write about. :)


So, dear readers (probably, mostly, I should just address this to "mum"), anything I've hinted at in the past that you'd like me to elaborate on in the future? I know it's a cop-out, and it's lame to ask, but hey... you never know, it might work.