Metric/Conan Moccasin

Conan Moccasin

Pretty dull on the whole. Kept expecting them to really get going, but it just never happened. Best we could say about the lead singer was “sounds like a chipmunk” and they murdered a Teenagers cover. Oops.


Certainly can see the much more rocky direction they’re beginning to take, and essentially it was a decent show. Disappointed that two albums were more or less entirely overlooked (I may occasionally want the moon on a stick, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to show a bit of love to your early fans by playing more than Dead Disco.)

Metric at The Electric Ballroom, 19th May 2009

4 thoughts on “Metric/Conan Moccasin”

  1. Absolutely agree – would have liked some more early stuff. I take it you’ve been a Metric fan for a while too? Were you at the infamous Barfly gig? (I wasn’t, though I did see them at Camden Dingwalls and Kings College a couple of years back.)

    Also, is that a cheeky Lee & Herring reference slipped in?

  2. ahhhhh, so that’s who the support were. One to avoid.

    Metric seem to be going for bigger and bigger audiences, which you can’t really blame them for, they have to make a living out of music after all. But it’s just not what my kind of thing, especially if those audiences are full of gangs of idiotic teenage girls who appear to have forgotten to take their Ritalin.

  3. @Michael – Yeah, although didn’t see them at Barfly. Saw them 4 or 5 years ago at the Wedgewood down in Portsmouth.

    If there’a Lee & Herring reference in there, it’s entirely unintentional!

    @PJ – Totally agree. Just not the same band anymore, imho. The best to them, but not my cuppa.

  4. It was great to hear tracks from Live it Out but I agree more than Dead Disco would have been nice from the older stuff. I thought the new songs sounded great but the encore was a bit of an anticlimax when I was waiting to hear Grow Up and Blow Away and Soft Rock Star.

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