Week 13

This week I am in Cornwall, visiting my parents (see them in France now instead), for the first time in 3 and a half years. Almost nothing has changed about the place. It’s sort of spooky that way.

I suppose this doesn’t really count to recording my US transition.

Back to London tomorrow, where I get to see a whole bunch of my very most favourite people.

Week 12

At SFO waiting for my red eye to London. I’d take a picture, but I think we’ve all see that photo of a plane sat on the tarmac enough.

Speaking at a conference on Friday. Will be about design principles, which makes me feel like a fraud/unhappy due to not working for GDS anymore. This’ll be the last one.

Felt pretty fraudulent hanging out at the CfA summit last week, too, for much the same reasons. Ugh.

The new MD thinks this trip will be good for me.

Week 8 / 9

I have no internet at home, which is both more and less annoying than I thought, depending on what I’m trying to get done.

Today I am in an expensive resort in Maui which has internet, though. Holiday priorities.

Week 8 included the NY trip which was the best and made me feel like maybe I hadn’t left London and all my friends behind.

Then it was over. :(

I drank more than I should have at the Edge after party and said embarrassing things at a Canadian I thought was cool who will now never speak to me again, most likely. I am incapable of making friends, turns out.

Edge was good though, but would have preferred it held in a room with windows.

Week 9 we moved into the new house we somehow managed to buy. It’s a lot empty. The main bedroom walls AND ceiling are a horrible shade of mustard. I have mentally repainted the whole place. I just need to do something about it now/buy a step ladder.

It was also Alex’s birthday, but he went to Boston for TAG.

We are finally only paying for one place, rather than one in London and 2 in SF. It’s nice to be settling down after all the stuff and paperwork and admin we’ve had to battle through just to be allowed to live together in the same country. It’s been ageing.

Week 5


This week mostly featured Labor day. We drove a lot of the way down Highway 1 to Hearst Castle, with visits to Santa Cruz, Carmel Valley and Monterey over 3 days.

Saw much wildlife, including a heron, scrawny squirrels, sea lions and seals, a whale off the coast, free roaming zebras (left over from Hearst’s menagerie) and an actual real life gigantic (I was nearly sick) tarantula.

Pitch black driving along unmarked mountain roads to reach the lodge in Carmel Valley on Sunday was almost as terrifying as the spider.

Walked ~24 miles.

Week 4

Bay Bridge

Got re-acquainted with the Mission, in particular Valencia (our new street). Lovely brunch and amble with Mr Ward on Sunday.

Seen a lot of lovely furniture and learnt something about hardwood floors.

Did a little freelance work for the FT.

Walked ~27 miles.

Week 3


Had my first ever twinkie. I won’t be having another – it was sort of gross and sticky damp.

Went to my first house-party as a San Francisco resident. Spent most of it talking to an Australian who mostly wanted to learn to replicate my accent and discussing the amazing, massive, avocado tree outside (always in fruit).

Met someone nice from Stripe at a coffee shop in the Mission. I got sunburnt and a caffeine hangover.

Offer on last weeks house did not go through. Luckily, an offer we put in on a house we preferred was accepted, so we’re now in escrow and finalising that sale. I am busy selecting wall colours and have finally found a reason for using pinterest. Turns out I am one of those kinds of people.

Walked ~27 miles.

Week 2

transamerica building

Obtained an electric kettle, so tea making has resumed at a more reasonable pace. Missing UK voltages, however.

Viewed 12 more flats. Offered on one.

Visited Twitter HQ to catch up with the British ex-pats there. They have a very sunny roof.

Alex and Emil did somewhat drunk cooking at our corp flat. There was blood.

Have a US bank account and a social security card.

Walked ~21 miles.

Week 1

golden gate bridge

Arrived on the 30th July and took me until at least Sunday 4th to be on the right timezone.

Supermarkets here are terrible. Everything has novelty features, added this or that, less of something else. Nothing is just “milk” or “bread”. Farmers’ markets are likely to mediate what we cook at home.

Spent the weekend at FOOcamp, which felt rather deep-end for my first weekend here. Lots of interesting people and chat.

Took first pass at looking at flats to buy – modern or edwardian?

Visited Code for America and San Francisco City Hall tech teams.

Have eaten at least 3 grilled cheese products and 2 breakfasts bigger than my head. Will be interesting to see how much heavier I am when we get our stuff off the boat (incl. scales).

Walked ~26 miles.