Microformats vEvent and London Web Week

I mentioned at the start of the year that we were planning to have another “Microformat vEvent” in the first quarter… well, slightly later than planned I’m pleased to announce that we’re good to go and you can now sign up!


The event has been delayed so that we could take part in a new grander event which is London Web Week. It’s going to be a solid week of all things webby, and includes other such highlights as @media London, BarCampLondon 4, a Web Standards Group event and a new one-day conference aimed at new comers who are just interested in or starting out in web development and design, called Web Roots. Even Pub Standards is sneaking in on the act (keep an eye on upcoming for the “The Great Pub Standards Heresy“).

The full schedule of events is available here and I expect it’ll expand to contain a few of the London user groups for various web… things… over the next few weeks.

So, back to the point of my post. Microformats vEvent!

The good news is, I’ve managed to twist the arms of a couple of nice folks to do some speaking for us. We’ve got Dan Brickley and Tom Morris. Surprisingly, both usually more aligned with the RDF camp rather than microformats – but I’m personally up for breaking down that wall (and I hope they are too) and seeing if we can’t all “get along”. So, with that in mind, they will each be taking on topics that look at microformats working along side other semantic web technologies in complementary ways.

Full details on what these guys will be talking about are again, on the sign-up page, as well where and when (The Yorkshire Grey Pub, Holborn, Tuesday 27th May, 7pm) you need to show up. Make sure you sign-up quickly though – we’ve only got a limited amount of space, and entrance is with ticket only.

@media 2007 and @mediaAjax announced

Last week I attended my first ever @media. After offering to pretty much sell a kidney to go last year, I was extra chuffed to get to go and help out too! Plus, it was a double treat for me in that I got to see the results of Patrick’s hard work over the last few months (which I’ve somewhat had the pleasure of seeing from behind the scenes) as well as of course having the opportunity to see a host top presenters.

Highlight for me? Joe Clark, easily. I like his take-no-prisoners attitude and that he speaks his mind. I gather a few people may not agree with him, but that’s cool – I think what he does especially well is just give you another point-of-view to look a problem from and encourages you to really evaluate what the real issue is.

I also enjoyed Drew and Colly’s High Noon Shoot-out. Not only was it funny, but it did have an underlying point that compromise and knowing your audience is really important.

I’m really want the podcasts to be available now, because I never remember to take any notes.

Ah, but the best bit is that the @media fun does not end there. @media Ajax has been announced for later this year in November!

Best swag of the event? My personalised green @media logo shirt, of course.