Week 345 / Sheltering in Place

I mean, I think it’s 345. Honestly, I have lost all sense of time and believe I could be off by a week. Let’s just say I’ve survived March and April began at some point recently and I’m still inside my house.

I don’t have anything exciting to report – just after my last week notes, SF declared “shelter in place” for 3 weeks and the State followed suit. SF extended shelter in place until May 3rd for now, but who knows, I am expecting it to extend again. I do gather from the data (from people who tweet that data) that us all being cooped up has flattened our local curve, so that’s nice to know.

I’ve been filling the weeks with nothing particularly extraordinary. A little work here and there, but not enough to really force a proper routine – so I’ll be honest that I’ve not been setting morning alarms most days and that’s meant I’ve been up out of bed late, and therefore going to sleep late. I’ve not really been sleeping well and I’ve been on the melatonin, with mixed results and crazy dreams. I’m a bit untethered, but that’s the worst of it.

Here’s some things that I’ve been consuming, though:

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons! Thank goodness this little slice of escapism came out when it did. It’s been so lovely to visit real friends’ houses, both near and far, even if it’s just to wave and steal a few peaches.
  • Oculus Quest! The only way I’ve been getting any sort of real exercise (other than fitness boxing which I’m starting to get quite bored of) is playing Beat Saber for about an hour a day until I sweat enough that the lenses fog up. Gross, but quite gratifying.
  • Podcasts! I had subscribed to a bunch of interesting science podcasts at the start of the year, but I had to ditch them all because they all just talk about COVID-19 at the moment. Instead, I’ve been listing to radio plays. For example, I like NoSleep for short horror stories that feel very Twilight Zone/Tales from the Crypt. Also enjoyed Body Horror from Radio 4 and Blackout (it’s got Rami Malek in it).
  • Tiger King!
  • Books! Still working through The Expanse novels. I’m just now caught up with the TV show, so doing well. There’s so much.
  • Cooking! Like, not good cooking, but not ordering take away constantly. I have a pretty decent end-of-the-world pantry and I sort of enjoy trying to use up what we have. Honestly, though, our local fancy corner store has everything except bread so we’re FINE.
  • Art! Well, not consuming, but outputting. Finished one not-great watercolour and did an illustration for a game that Monica is making.

I don’t have anything else to inform anyone. I’m worried sometimes and I’m pretty sure I’m constantly low-key stressed, but who isn’t?

Week 341/342 / Housebound

Week 341 was destroyed by jetlag after getting back from Japan. I just could not get into the grove of the timezone at all that week. Fortunately, I had some early morning Public Digital client meetings that forced the issue. I started to make plans for week 342, but I had to cancel a couple of social engagements and evening class, since I picked up a cough and didn’t want to risk it (especially just coming back from Japan).

But, since then the general advice has gone from “stay home if you feel sick” to just “stay home”, so that’s what Alex and I have been doing.

Alex works from home 4 out of 5 days most weeks, anyway, and I work from home most of the time, too, so it’s not a huge change for us. I’m definitely one of those introvert meme illustrations of “Oh no, I have to stay home? Quelle horreur!” But even I usually have reasons to leave the house, like work client visits or appointments or evening classes, but that’s all stopped for now. I should have been in Sacramento at the time I’m writing this, and a trip to NY in two weeks is postponed and another trip to London at the start of April is cancelled.

So, the week was pretty empty. I again had some early morning work video meetings, but not a lot else. I cleaned up the garage emergency preparedness stuff we have (we were already prepped, because it’s earthquake country and I sort of love doing it) and itemized foodstuffs in a new spreadsheet. I also did a bit of painting and a couple of friend video chats which have been nice for a bit of venting and sanity (I’m especially anxious about the UK’s current approach to the virus, and worried for friends and family back home who are likely to suffer for it).

I’ve also been making a point to sit outside on the back deck for at least some portion of the day (I’ve been teaching the scrub jays to come to a bowl in my hand for peanuts) and I’m back on Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing for some physical activity. I’ve got about half a dozen 75% complete craft projects around the house that I might try and get to completion this week coming.

We’ve really got no reason to have to leave the house, so we won’t be. So, I suppose this will be the diary of a homebody for a while. Stay safe, everyone.

New normal? Virtual hangouts with Dana.