14 Apr

Sylvia portrait

I recently finished a painting for a small show at a nearby assisted living facility, featuring portraits of residents and staff.  I don’t usually (ever) do portraits.

I’ve been painting out of the Jean Henry School of Art in San Francisco once or twice a week since last summer, learning oil paints. I’m really enjoying it.

21 Feb

Hey, guys

“I’m making this slightly theoretical point because it helps to explain why I don’t agree with Sherryl Kleinman’s suggestion that women who use terms like ‘guys’ and ‘dude’ are trying to claim ‘honorary man’ status. Rather I agree with Scott Kiesling, who argues that women use ‘dude’ for the same reason men do: because they want to express cool solidarity—especially, the evidence suggests, with other women. Rather than displaying internalized sexism, they’re like the little girl who sometimes wants to play with toy cars rather than dolls. It’s not that she wants to be a boy, she just doesn’t see why girls shouldn’t play with cars.”

From Language, a feminist guide

10 Feb


I just finished playing Firewatch.  The story is good, well voice acted, and beautiful. It only takes about 3 or 4 hours to play it through.

There’s an extra money spinner that’s a bit silly that goes with the game – at a point early on you pick up a disposable camera with only a few of the snaps used up. You can take shots as you hike around the country side, and later have them printed for real. I really like the real world/game world bleed through.

They’re like some weird alternative life holiday snaps from when I was a park ranger for a summer.

Here’s mine.  As with real life, I wish I’d taken more.

19 Nov

Snail art



“Dyed snail excremental that have been altered by a diet of colored paper. The snails are fed a strict regime of colored cellulose paper and because they cannot assimilate the paper’s pigments, their bodies reject the color of the ingested paper creating colored excitements. Applications include floor tiles and can be used for packaging.” (at Material ConneXion)